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Rewriting the Black Narrative: Music to Revive a Lost Nation

Updated: 6 days ago

Creating Music that ministers to the soul is a piece of Hebraic culture that our people were able to keep throughout centuries of bondage and persecution. It became an expressive form of strength, endurance, and hope.

From negro spirituals to modern R&B, the musical narrative of our culture has been in a constant evolution that matched the troubles and life experiences of the era. Our music continuously inspired hope and expressed our sorrow in relatable poetry that unified our people in times of difficulty and terror. 

We unconsciously discovered that our music has the superpower of envoking emotions deep within our beings to influence our actions and culture. In many situations, we used this to our advantage.

Unfortunately, this superpower has been studied by our enemies throughout the centuries. What once was massa is now music industry leaders who manipulate our talent and narrative of our music to destroy us within.

They used our ability to unify Black thought through song to weaponize our desire to leave poverty and increase division and violence within our communities. 

They successfully destroyed the self-respect and strong family bonds that were at the core of the Black community driving us into deeper into bondage. 

As dark as that sounds, there is hope. This doesn’t have to be our narrative. 

By putting our faith in Yahuah and creating mediums to control the creativity and messaging of Black entertainment, we have the power to revive lost souls and restore our narrative to one of excellence.

Amazing Partnerships like Sounds of Rebirth and D28 Productions are an example of mission-driven groups that have taken this challenge as an opportunity to ascend. 

Inspired by the Reclaiming the Throne Docuseries, D28 Productions has taken that first step to restoring the integrity and narrative of Black entertainment in the show Reclaiming the Throne: The Experience and have recently launched the RTT soundtrack.

The soundtrack takes the theatrical experience from stage to speaker in an on-the-go experience that retells our history through the lens from those lived it.

Join us to rewrite the narrative of Black entertainment and support the project by purchasing the album today!

Relive the theatrical experience again and let the music minister to your soul and those you love. 

Purchase your copy of the album!

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