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Did You Know? An Introduction to True Black History and Black Excellence

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

February 1st. A day of reset for Black people in the US, Canada, and the UK. February 1st marks the beginning of 28 days

that resets Black history in the minds of the diaspora by directing our focus to the same few achievements while hiding a dark price.

First observed as a week in 1926, It was the Black Harvard historian, Mr. Carter G. Woodson, who brought awareness to the contributions of African Americans. He did this by conceiving and announcing Negro History Month in 1925, which was first observed in February 1926.

The response to this week was overwhelming. Clubs sprang up, teachers were eager and demanded materials to instruct their students, and others stepped forward to endorse the effort.

Ten years after Mr. Woodson’s death in 1960, Mayors nationwide issued proclamations noting Negro History Week.

The Black Awakening of the 1960s ignited the expansion of the celebration from a week to a month.

Where we succeed in remembering our past, our future suffers due to a lack of knowledge.

Many, especially the younger generation, had no idea of these findings. We were assigned a month because of one man who took it upon himself to think generationally.

However, due to allowing our oppressors to dictate what we remember, our dark price is that we reset each year instead of regenerating to reclaim our throne.

What if I told you that for the next 28 days, starting from today, we will share our rich PRE Transatlantic slave history (#YOURstory)?

Over the next 28 days, D28 Productions mission is to share #YourStory that is filled with records of Kingdoms, Culture, Heritage, and a Great Legacy of being a people who were revered, admired, and even plotted against.

Are you ready to learn our history from an authentic lens?


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Changing the reset to regeneration.

We hope you enjoy these 28 days of us retelling history (#Yourstory) through the blog. Don't forget to follow the incredible social media influencers and musicians we've partnered with for more complete information about our history before the transatlantic slave trade.

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