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About D28 

Co-founded by Morris Williams Jr. and Joshua Cullins, D28 Productions is the trailblazer for independent filmmakers in the Hebrew community. We strive to provide accurate content for the community, at large, with industry-standard quality. Our projects require the latest technology to capture the essence of the most ancient research appealing to modern expectations. 


Our debut project, Reclaiming the Throne, a three-part docuseries, answers the age-old question that has filled the minds of the descendants of the African diaspora for hundreds of years, "Who are we?" This powerful film takes you on a journey back in time through a history documented yet untold, shedding light on the world's best-kept secret; the identity of the blacks of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

And as they say, the best is yet to come. Although Reclaiming the Throne offers 7 hours of extensive research, there is much more where that came from initially. Stay Tuned. 

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