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Fashion as Liberation: She’ar Levush and the Journey to Cultural Freedom

Updated: Feb 20

Trendsetters of the ages. Black people have set the stage for fashion movements that have inspired designers for centuries. The fashion industry has found ways to market Black features, culture, and fashion sense from mockery to a 1.7 trillion dollar industry.

Since post-slavery, we have set the tone for mainstream fashion that continues to dominate and yet we are not acknowledged in mainstream markets that we are the standard of beauty in America. It’s the backhanded compliment we manage to shine through and still command a room with our presence and stature. 

But, why do you think this is?

There are many reasons that go beyond fashion, but at the heart, fashion is an expression of culture. It defines a community and is a form of physical representation of what the people value, their interests, and spirituality. It has the power to unite and divide a people by a color and the influence to transform a generation by draping garments on the right influential people.

In regards to our people - those who were stripped from our true culture and redefined as “Black” - fashion has become our way of unspoken expression that speaks 1000 words. From political statements to artistic expression of worship, our fashion has transformed the world to become a subconscious representation of our unified mindset around an internal belief about ourselves.

The question is: Is our collective mindset stuck in bondage or can we embrace going back to our original culture to create a new standard for our community?

With incredibly innovative designers like Nae’Yah Shiloh of She’ar Levush, the fashion industry is transforming into one that is speaking volumes around a higher standard and getting back to culture by celebrating our regal presence and swagger.

She’ar Levush is taking us back to excellence before the stereotypes and bondage: Leading the way through a new era of fashion that embraces modesty and elegance with an artistic flare that must be experienced in person at the Reclaiming the Throne: The Experience Event.

Come and experience again an unforgettable Black History event that highlights award-winning artistic expression and the history of our people and culture through the ages. The experience begins with the She’ar Levush fashion show and builds upon our cultural story with powerful live performances from pre-captivity traveling throughout the decades leading up to our journey to Reclaiming the Throne. 

You won’t want to miss the event! Follow us on Social Media for updates on the digital replay of the incredible experience!

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