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Reclaiming the Throne

D28 Production Original Docuseries released on March 21, 2021

Genres: Documentary

Duration: 6 hours 44 minutes

Availability: Worldwide

Perplexed by the plight of his people, a quick-witted modern-day Historian finds historical records tracing his ancestry beyond the trans-Atlantic slave trade to a time of prosperity and freedom, bringing to light the reasons for perpetual exile, oppression, and captivity.

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1.    In Plain Sight


2.    The Rivers of Ethiopia


3.    Tabernacles of David


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Get to Know Us

D28 Productions is committed to providing Hebraic content that's been long lacking in the industry with accurate representations of true stories, both biblical and historic. It is our history told from the mouths of our people.


Morris Williams

CEO/Executive Producer

“Pride can blind you from the truth and keep you in a state of consistent consequences for a bad decision.”
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Joshua Cullins

Executive Producer/ Director

"Thoughts are temporary. Actions are permanent.”

Angela Phillips

Public Relations Executive and Social Media Strategist

Tressa Kale, MBA

Business and

 Public Relations Executive

Parah Pic_edited_edited.jpg

Sabrina Pierre

Executive Assistant

“Be the difference. The law of kindness should be on our lips.”
“Learn obedience through suffering. Learn authority through submission. You cannot lead if you won't follow.”
"In her free time, she is a DIY guru, a master thrifter, and strives to be a Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 woman supporting her husband and nurturing their family."


Sharlene Nikki Knox, May 2022

This was so well done. Boy they did not teach us any of this in elementary school...So thankful you guys took the time to put this together. 

Yoyo, June 2021

Excellent movie-series and work. The video production, narrative images, and animations are very clear and visually communicative! 

Jamela Rasheedah Rivera MSW, BS., April 2022

This film has so information and much darkest has been brought to light. It's amazing and a must see! 

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For more information about D28 Productions, feel free to contact us. | ‪(864) 559-8683‬

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